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Love reading magazines? What if your magazines were in a video form and they could come to you on your smartphone? If you want to discover and browse some amazing content in the form of a video magazine, your search ends here.

Get ready to experience this amazing video magazine collection app “GoKoncentrate” that would let you discover the best video content magazines based on your interests. Yes. It’s like a library of video magazines. This digital media magazine app includes videos, audio, written, streamed and images to create a perfect video magazine for your needs. You can browse magazines based on your interests or things that you love. You can even search for magazines based on what you want to watch. This is one of the most unique video subscription platforms where you can subscribe to the magazines of there choice.


You can easily subscribe to video digital magazines based on your interests and receive the amazing content that the magazines offer periodically on your smartphone. This is a platform where you can explore the best video magazines from some of the premium publications and publishers.


Our premium video magazine called “Koncentrate Magazine” focuses on Music, Business, Health, Cannabis, and Lifestyle. The digital magazine content is developed by experts in the industry, and you would never get bored while going through this video magazine. You can subscribe to our Koncentrate Magazine on this video subscription platform.


Gokoncentrate provides a media driven platform to watch or listen to articles and interviews. In addition to the video magazines. Gokoncentrate offers a print edition so you can have a tangible piece to join your collection. 


You can browse the best content based on your interests. You will find content in one of these categories or even more –


And many more. You can decide what video content you want to browse and consume on this video content app.


While you’re browsing the best digital media magazines on the GoKoncentrate app, you can even bookmark them to watch them later. This is the perfect video publication newsstand – a one-stop platform to browse everything that you want to browse for a digital media magazine. It’s similar to reading a blog in a video format – like a vlog! You’ll love watching the best content on the GoKoncentrate app.


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