Our Story

We are a small group that had a love for music and creating content. With our background in the print magazine arena, it only made sense to create a platform that contains a magazine’s high level of content but relevant for today’s needs for quick information. We created a platform that publishers have control and readers have content. Our house publication is Koncentrate Magazine, it will be the first publication launched on our Gokoncentrate platform (Koncentrate Magazine is unique, where it focuses on Music, business, health, Cannabis and Lifestyle).


With the current state of the world, much of our daily routine has already shifted. We can see this in music (events and live performances), health and business alone. With Gokoncentrate, publishers will have the ability of sharing journalism directly to their subscribers’ mobile devices. Giving them a plethora of content like any print publication. Access remotely whether you are enjoying content or creating it. Gokoncentrate offers an experience through video for publications to be heard not only read, allowing subscribers to watch or listen, and uniquely multi-task. We offer a wide level of content based on category and subscriber interest delivered by streamed media.


Our system is setup for publishers to run their own publication and allow subscribers to eventually choose from a library of diverse video magazines. From our back-end publishers can login and create magazines without any design or coding experience necessary.


Our goal is to create video and written content as a magazine option. To offer categories of content that redefine how people learn, are entertained and choose to interact. We want our subscribers to walk away more informed than when they started their journey. We want to evoke critical thinkers we want people to Gokoncentrate.