Gokoncentrate publisher program allows publishers to produce their own magazine on our Gokoncentrate platform. We understand the need for digital magazine innovation. With our technology and history in the print industry, we found a cost-effective way to offer video magazine publishing to a global audience.

Digital Marketing

Using our industry relationships. Our vast network of affiliated projects, influencer marketing, PR, and social media campaigns. For every issue that is released, we promote and market the maga­zine from media outlets to thousands of email subscribers.


Gokoncentrate media will be available on the largest mobile stores, which is Apple iOS and Android Play store. We provide the digital distribution of video magazines and direct-to-customer print publications.

Product Design

Gokoncentrate offers design work on video magazine projects. This includes video editing and dashboard editing. We can also assist with print publications, from the cover to the inside pages, we even handle the promo work.

Print on demand for select magazines

Print Publications

All our magazines have the standard plan to fill the order of a minimum of 250 print subscribers for a 100% fulfillment plan. We use standard "8.5 x 11" magazine sizes. Based on digital subscriptions, publishers may be eligible for pay-as-you-go printing per subscriber at higher printing and shipping costs.